Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preppy in Argyle

I've always liked argyle but ever since I got married I've been trying to incorporate it more into my wardrobe. My husband LOVES flannel and plaid, so I try to make it chic by using argyle.

These booties are new, but are completely impractical. I wore them to work and had to take them off after an hour because the balls of my feet hurt so badly. I am going to try to put cushion inserts into them and see if they can be saved. If they don't get more comfortable, they are not staying in my closet. Thankfully they were only $15. 

I did not realize how giant this cardigan is until I saw these pictures. The sleeves are cuffed over, the front is criss crossed and the arms are saggy. I go through fazes where I'm afraid I'm buying things that are too small or too form fitting and then buy a bigger size. Does that ever happen to you?

Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory
Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: PacSun
Booties: Thrifted

I love fall. There is nothing like crisp air, pumpkins, no mosquitoes, and hot drinks. 

How do you like the navy blue tights with the brown booties? Should I ditch the sweater?


  1. Oh, I so hope that the boots work out. They are so cute. Maybe try them with some ankle socks instead of tights for more padding? You are right, the cardigan is a little too big, but the belt does help.

  2. I love argyle but the sweater is a bit too big for you. I like the boots!