Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY Alterations: Purple Cords

When I first bought my corduroy leggings from Gap, I was pleased with the fit and only shortened them a few inches. Since then, I noticed that they were loose enough around my calves and knees that they constantly rode up and bunched around my knees whenever I wore them tucked into boots. I tried to remedy the problem on my Chicago Adventure by tucking the legs into my socks, but I am not very satisfied with the result. They had an odd vertical pull to them and were all wrinkly and uncomfortable inside my socks.

Can you see what I mean?

So, I figured that since I intended to wear them with boots all along, I needed to slim the bottom half so they would stay put. 

The Before...Notice the bunching and riding up at the knees...

All I did was to turn them inside out and then make a new seam inside the old one. I used the inner seam, since it would show less in the end if I made a mistake.

It took me four tries, so don't feel bad if they aren't perfect the first time. Once you are satisfied with the fit (right side out, of course), cut off the excess material and you are done.

In the end, there was still a little bit of wrinkling around my knee, but no riding up anymore!

Do you like my polka-dot socks?

I maybe made them a little too tight on my calves, so I might let the seam out there a little bit. Still, I wonder if they will stretch anyway, and I will be glad that it is tight. 

Do you think I should leave them super tight around my calves or let them loose a little? 

Friday, October 28, 2011


Remember how I was looking for tips for taking indoor photos? So, the most obvious solution presented itself to me as I descended the stairs of my condo building. Our stairwell has the very same exposed brick as the outside wall where I have taken most of my pictures, and adjacent to it is a giant window, so there is plenty of natural light. All I have to do is stand on one of the landings and the pictures turn out similar to my old outside pics. I tried it for the first time for the Petite Fashion Challenge post, and am pretty happy with the results (I had already scheduled Wednesday's indoor post). Big bonus: the stairwell is heated. Whew...How did I not think of that sooner?

I wore this outfit to go on a dinner date with my favorite boys, Peter and Luke. I used to think that it was weird to wear brown and black together, but since they are both neutrals, they are a great match. I mean, who is going to tell a leopard that he is clashing?

This might be the best lighting I have found yet!

By the way, I am trying out tinted moisturizer for the first time today. So far I like it, as it does a good job smoothing out my complexion. We'll see whether it feels more oily at the end of the day than my regular moisturizer...

I broke down and bought these wedges after I was still thinking about them a week or so after I first tried them on. I was so glad they still had them in my size. Wow, I am so surprised at myself that I am wearing animal prints these days...

Dress: Gap Outlet (recent)
Necklace: Forever 21 (recent)
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet (recent)
Shoes: BCBGeneration (via TJ Maxx)

Do you wear brown and black together?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Preppy in Argyle

I've always liked argyle but ever since I got married I've been trying to incorporate it more into my wardrobe. My husband LOVES flannel and plaid, so I try to make it chic by using argyle.

These booties are new, but are completely impractical. I wore them to work and had to take them off after an hour because the balls of my feet hurt so badly. I am going to try to put cushion inserts into them and see if they can be saved. If they don't get more comfortable, they are not staying in my closet. Thankfully they were only $15. 

I did not realize how giant this cardigan is until I saw these pictures. The sleeves are cuffed over, the front is criss crossed and the arms are saggy. I go through fazes where I'm afraid I'm buying things that are too small or too form fitting and then buy a bigger size. Does that ever happen to you?

Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory
Cardigan: Tommy Hilfiger
Skirt: Ann Taylor
Belt: PacSun
Booties: Thrifted

I love fall. There is nothing like crisp air, pumpkins, no mosquitoes, and hot drinks. 

How do you like the navy blue tights with the brown booties? Should I ditch the sweater?

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge Link

Check out the other entries for the Petite Fashion Challenge at Ski Petite: here


Now that the weather is getting colder, I am starting to think about ways to take pictures indoors, since soon every outdoor outfit will be the same coat and boots. I realize now that there is no substitute for natural lighting (except maybe a photography studio), so I need to figure out a plan for the long, cold winter. This spot worked out ok with the blinds open, a flash, and a little creative editing, but I am still not very happy with the lighting situation. 

Luke just had to get in on the action. Cute little ham...

The first time I wore this cardigan, I styled it with white pants and a white tank. It wasn't until I was already at work that I realized (thanks to my co-workers) that I looked like a creamsicle. Even though it is more tangerine than pumpkin, I am liking it with a fall palette. 

Scarf: Gap
Tank: Maurices
Cardigan: Banana Republic 
Jeggings: Gap (similar)
Boots: Target (here)

Do you have any tips on taking better indoor pictures?

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Petite Fashion Challenge #11

The Challenge: 

Put together an outfit made for sightseeing. It should be one that will be comfortable for walking around in and can last you from the early morning until dinner and drinks in the evening. Plus, you're on vacation, so you'd better make sure you look good in photos, which you'll have for years to come.
You can choose just one outfit but vary it by adding or taking off layers or accessories to take you from the a.m. to the p.m. and make one outfit easier to last through the day.

Katie's Outfit:

I decided to stick with a jersey cotton skirt and pair it with a long tunic. This way I could vary it depending on if I was going for dinner or drinks. Here are the advantages to the outfit for traveling:

1. It is jersey cotton, leggings, and an airy tunic. None of these wrinkle easily. :)
2. Because the top is so airy, it won't show sweat from walking around and sight seeing while traveling. 
3. They look cute and are easy to style. 

Here is what I would walk around in all day with flat gold sandals:

Then I would lose the skirt and add leggings for drinks:

And then use the skirt as a dress for a fancier dinner while on vacation:

Skirt: Target
Shirt: Maurices
Leggings: Gap
Belt: PacSun
Necklace: Target
Earrings: Old Navy
Shoes: Rack Room Shoes

Laura's Outfit:

For a day of sightseeing, I am loving this black and white striped dress. It has an interesting flap front on the lower half, and it is very packable. For day, I layered it under a lightweight tab cuff shirt and belted it for a little color and definition at the waist. My sandals are basically glorified flip flops with a metallic finish and metal horse bit detail, and of course, flat and comfy for lots of walking.

In retrospect, I think this pairing is just a bit too neutral (aka boring). I think I will try a more colorful shirt next time. 

Earrings: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Belt: Target
Dress: Francesca's
Shoes: Born (via Famous Footwear)

For an evening look, I paired the dress with a wide elastic belt and a scarf and heels. Unfortunately, the scoop neckline of the dress tends to show my bra straps, but a scarf eliminates my need to constantly check them. Plus, it adds some color to an otherwise very monochromatic outfit.

Sunglasses: Kate Spade 
Earrings: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Dress: Francesca's 
Belt: Maurice's
Shoes: Ann Taylor Factory Store

Monday, October 24, 2011

Frost Free

I am always amused by the jackets and vests at Old Navy this time of year, since they are all touted as "Frost Free". Since my last name is Frost, you would think I would steer clear, but I bought a vest instead.

 I have been on the hunt for a white puffer vest for a few years, but haven't seen one in a store for a while.  As a trendy alternative, I have tried on a few faux fur vests, but each time, my impression was that I looked like a baby yeti, so I opted for a more classic option instead. This one is perfect to wear with casual outfits. In fact, I had the cashier cut off the tags so I could wear it out of the store. Of course, the trick is not to get it too dirty. We'll see how that goes with a one-year-old...

The pockets just beg to be used...

The funny thing about these pants is that they came with stirrups. Seriously, what decade are we in? I guess that explains why I got them last winter on the sale rack for $10. Now that I think about it, those stirrups probably resulted in about a $40 markdown for me. Awesome! In case you are wondering, I cut them off and made a new hem when I got them home.

Earrings: Francesca's
Sweater: Old Navy (here)
Vest: Old Navy (here)
Jeggings: Gap (similar)
Boots: Target (here)

Does anybody else love puffer vests?

Friday, October 21, 2011

Quoted: Audrey Hepburn

Luke has been sick this week, so I have been wearing nothing but sweatpants and t-shirts (he likes to wipe his nose on me). I'll try out some new pairings next week. In the meantime, here is a quote that I love:

"For attractive lips, speak words of kindness. 

      For lovely eyes, seek out the good in people. 
   For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry. 

For beautiful hair, let a child run their fingers through it once a day. 
For poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone."

- Sam Levenson (made famous by Audrey Hepburn)

Audrey Hepburn is one of my favorite style icons, largely because she valued beauty inside and out. I think the world would be a more beautiful place if we all took her advice, myself included.

Do you have a favorite style icon?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Florida in the Fall

I live in Florida so fall is a wonderful break from the summer heat, but it doesn't compare to the beautiful northern maple trees that turn their leaves crimson and yellow. Fall in Florida brings slightly cooler breezes and nights that aren't 90 degrees. 

I just bought this scarf at PacSun the other day and I absolutely love it. It is striped with a color that could be grey, black, or navy. I'm not quite sure :).

 Shirt: Target
Shorts: Ann Taylor Factory
Scarf: Pac Sun
Earrings: Old Navy

Have you started introducing scarves into your fall wardrobe yet?

Yay for pumpkins and fall!!!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

A Tourist in My Own City

It was Friday. My calendar stood completely empty. That's what I like to call a recipe for a good adventure...

With the words, "It's risky, but try it!" ringing in my ears (thanks, Dad), Luke and I set off for our first train trip to Chicago. I had no idea if this was a disaster in the making or a brilliant idea. As it turned out, we had an amazing time. Luke was a champ on the train, and took a nap in the stroller in the afternoon, so there were no meltdowns. And the big bonus: we got to have lunch downtown with Peter and ride home with him on the train after work!

Commuter Baby.

We made it!

Sweet Sleeper.

The Art Institute.

A Renaissance Favorite (He designed the dome in Florence, Italy)

Michigan Avenue. I only had time to drop into Zara for the first time, but sadly, was a little uninspired. I like what I see other bloggers wearing from there, though. I guess any store is hit or miss on any given day.

City Baby.

Our Chicago adventure was the perfect chance to break out some fun new finds. First, I picked up the scarf for $11 at Gap with a sale and a coupon. It is super soft, and I love the little birds in fall colors. I think it will be my go-to scarf this season, especially with my eggplant-colored cords. 

Then, the riding boots. I reviewed these yesterday, in case you missed it. I took a major risk today by wearing them for the first time to walk for miles around Chicago. Thankfully, they served me well, and though my feet were tired from all the walking, they didn't rub me the wrong way at all. 

Sparrows. They remind me of one of my favorite old songs, His Eye is On the Sparrow.

The Bean.

Home again. With my favorite people in the world.

Sunglasses: Diane VonFurstenberg
Scarf: Gap
Jacket: TJ Maxx
Pants: Gap (here)
Boots: Target (here)

Thanks for joining us on our adventure!