We are sisters who live far away from one another, but connect in many ways, including an appreciation for fashion. Since neither of us is over five feet tall, we can relate to the difficulties that petite women have: finding clothes that fit and that don’t make us look like we are still in high school. In addition, we both live on real-girl budgets, so we are on the hunt for clothes that the average woman can afford. Laura lives in the Chicago suburbs, and is a stay-at-home mom, who works part time as an optician, while Katie lives on the east coast of Florida, and works as a concierge in a resort community. Of course, fashion isn’t everything, but it is a fun hobby, and a great way to celebrate the bodies that we have been given, whatever size or shape they are.

Our Stats (Just in case you want to send us clothes!):

Height: 4'10"
Measurements: 33-27-36 

Height: 4'11 3/4"