Saturday, October 08, 2011


I took advantage of my husband's photography skills today while we were taking family portraits of our friends at nearby Cantigny Park. The gardens and walks are stunning, and the lighting was just right.

I have had this corduroy blazer for several years, and was happy to discover it again. It makes me feel like I should be saddling up a horse. The sleeves are a little long and I wouldn't mind it being a little more fitted at the waist, but overall the fit is good enough for me. I probably don't wear it enough to justify paying for tailoring. On the other hand, since I got rid of most of my other jackets because they were too big, maybe I will start wearing it a lot more and I should get it tailored...

The pants are actually jeggings from Gap from last year (they came with stirrups which I happily cut off). I wish they were a little more blue. They always look black to me. But for $5, how can I complain? And can you believe that the boots are actually black? For some reason they look really brown in the pictures. I must be in the color Twilight Zone today.

Scarf: Express (here) (similar)
Earrings: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Blazer: Gap
Shirt: LOFT
Pants: Gap (similar)
Boots: Wal-Mart

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  1. so cute -- I missed seeing a pic of your little assistant (well, actually, and of your big assistant as well).