Monday, October 03, 2011

All Vests Are the Same...False

I am coming to appreciate the fit of clothing more and more. I thought that any outfit could be jazzed up by adding a vest. But I didn't notice until I looked at some pictures that the fit really does make a difference. 

Exhibit A: Poor fitting vest. 

First of all it is a size medium. Notice how long the straps are are on the front, they make the chest part look weird because it doesn't hit at the right place. The straps go down way farther than they should because this vest is designed for a much taller woman.  

Verdict: Get rid of it. 

Vest: Old Navy

Exhibit B: Slightly better fitting vest

This one doesn't fit very closely on the sides and it is a size XS. You can't tell very well here, but it has no shape defining power. I have it pulled as tight as it will go and it still doesn't fit snugly. 

Verdict: Get rid of it. 

Vest: Gift

Exhibit C: A well fitting vest :)

I just picked up this vest at a thrift store recently and it is a size 4 from Express. It fits close to the body, the chest is in the right place and it has a snakeskin texture. This will definitely bring variety to my wardrobe. 

Verdict: Keep and wear like crazy.

Vest:  Express


  1. I am a total fashion idiot because I think they all look great and super cute! But definitely love that last one!! :)

  2. Thanks Rochelle. It's not that things look terrible per se, but I'm looking for things that look the best :).

    I also couldn't resist the snakeskin texture :)