Monday, October 31, 2011

DIY Alterations: Purple Cords

When I first bought my corduroy leggings from Gap, I was pleased with the fit and only shortened them a few inches. Since then, I noticed that they were loose enough around my calves and knees that they constantly rode up and bunched around my knees whenever I wore them tucked into boots. I tried to remedy the problem on my Chicago Adventure by tucking the legs into my socks, but I am not very satisfied with the result. They had an odd vertical pull to them and were all wrinkly and uncomfortable inside my socks.

Can you see what I mean?

So, I figured that since I intended to wear them with boots all along, I needed to slim the bottom half so they would stay put. 

The Before...Notice the bunching and riding up at the knees...

All I did was to turn them inside out and then make a new seam inside the old one. I used the inner seam, since it would show less in the end if I made a mistake.

It took me four tries, so don't feel bad if they aren't perfect the first time. Once you are satisfied with the fit (right side out, of course), cut off the excess material and you are done.

In the end, there was still a little bit of wrinkling around my knee, but no riding up anymore!

Do you like my polka-dot socks?

I maybe made them a little too tight on my calves, so I might let the seam out there a little bit. Still, I wonder if they will stretch anyway, and I will be glad that it is tight. 

Do you think I should leave them super tight around my calves or let them loose a little? 


  1. I would let the calves out a little bit. The stretching might make them more prone to ripping or stretching asymmetrically. (Think of a ribbed turtle neck getting stretched.....)

  2. love the socks....