Friday, October 28, 2011


Remember how I was looking for tips for taking indoor photos? So, the most obvious solution presented itself to me as I descended the stairs of my condo building. Our stairwell has the very same exposed brick as the outside wall where I have taken most of my pictures, and adjacent to it is a giant window, so there is plenty of natural light. All I have to do is stand on one of the landings and the pictures turn out similar to my old outside pics. I tried it for the first time for the Petite Fashion Challenge post, and am pretty happy with the results (I had already scheduled Wednesday's indoor post). Big bonus: the stairwell is heated. Whew...How did I not think of that sooner?

I wore this outfit to go on a dinner date with my favorite boys, Peter and Luke. I used to think that it was weird to wear brown and black together, but since they are both neutrals, they are a great match. I mean, who is going to tell a leopard that he is clashing?

This might be the best lighting I have found yet!

By the way, I am trying out tinted moisturizer for the first time today. So far I like it, as it does a good job smoothing out my complexion. We'll see whether it feels more oily at the end of the day than my regular moisturizer...

I broke down and bought these wedges after I was still thinking about them a week or so after I first tried them on. I was so glad they still had them in my size. Wow, I am so surprised at myself that I am wearing animal prints these days...

Dress: Gap Outlet (recent)
Necklace: Forever 21 (recent)
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet (recent)
Shoes: BCBGeneration (via TJ Maxx)

Do you wear brown and black together?


  1. I love the shoes with the dress because the necklace ties it together. Who EVER thought you'd wear animal prints????

  2. Love the outfit and LOVE the shoes!!!

  3. I love it obviously :). It's a nice combo of elegant and wild.

  4. Black and Brown are nice but you need to try light gray and dark gray - very festive!!!

  5. Well, Anonymous (ahem, Dad), I will have to dedicate a festive gray outfit to you one of these days...

  6. What makes you think this is me?? Maybe there is an untapped world of gray color lovers out there? Could be a vast untapped market...maybe

  7. I went to TJ Maxx and looked for those shoes, they didn't have them :(