Saturday, September 03, 2011

Recent Finds

A few days ago, I pulled down my box of cool weather clothes to scope out what I could look forward to for fall. I had given away most of my clothes at the beginning of the summer, since hardly any of them fit post-baby, and I couldn't remember what I had left. Answer: pretty much nothing. I only have a few cardigans and a few pairs of jeans (I hope they still fit). 

I picked up this sweater and scarf at various times over the last few weeks. I love the warm brown color palette of both pieces. I will likely wear them together sometimes. 

I never thought that I would own anything with a leopard print, but I guess it was just a matter of time. I see so many bloggers wearing it, and it looks so good on them, so why not? I think what was holding me back was an old instinct that leopard print looks either cheap or trashy, which it certainly can and does a lot of the time. The trick is to find the right leopard print, and to pair it with things that otherwise do not say, "Come hither." I am excited to work this super soft circle scarf into my wardrobe this fall.

Then, I waited for a day with nothing on our schedule, and Luke and I hit up the outlet mall. 

First, I picked up this pair of brown pants as an alternative to jeans for the fall. I didn't have any casual pants besides jeans until I brought these home. They will need to be hemmed, but otherwise fit great.

 And it seems that once you break the leopard print barrier, you just can't stop. I found this skirt and tried it on on a whim, thinking I would never like it. And of course, it fit quite well, though I would like to take in the waist a little, and has a great little flowy piece sewn onto the back. Can you see it in the right picture? Plus, the print is a little subtler leopard, with a grey and black palette and a hint of purple. 

I think this black and burgundy pattern will look great under blazers once it cools off outside.

Until I bought these, I only owned one pair of warm work pants. And living in the Chicago area, I definitely will wear pants most of the winter. These new ones are a lightly textured grey with a hint of brown, so I can wear pretty much any colored top. They also need to be hemmed, but hey, that's the story of my life.

Cardigan: Old Navy
Scarf: Express
Brown Pants: Gap Outlet
Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Grey Pants: Ann Taylor Factory Store

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