Monday, September 19, 2011

Nautical Stripes

I bought this sweater on our honeymoon and have always had trouble styling it. It is the kind of sweater that has narrow arms (so you can't wear much underneath it) and has a long drapey front.

I usually end up tying it in a knot in the front (which I've been told looks stupid) so I finally tried tucking it in.

I love the thickness of the stripes. It brings interest to your outfit without making me look incredibly wide.

I'm sorry for the poor picture quality, I had to snap the pictures quickly once I got home from work.

One thing I'm coming to dislike about this skirt is the way it has an elastic band in the back. It gathers and makes me look like I have a saggy old lady butt. See the picture below to the left if you have questions on what that looks like.

This pink necklace has become my new best friend. I bought it over a year ago and hadn't worn it once. Then I just forced myself to wear it and now I'm finding ways to pair it with less predictable outfits.

It's amazing what you can do with an accessory if you force yourself to use it.

How would you style a skirt like this that has a tie in the front and elastic in the back?


  1. Yeah, sorry, I have to agree about the skirt, and while I love nautical stripes, that still is quite a bit of material on your little frame. Maybe try it with a different skirt? Your idea definitely has potential.

  2. Agree with Laura, too much material on you, but love the stripes. At the same time I think you look fabulous in pretty much anything, so keep working it girl!