Thursday, September 01, 2011

DIY Alterations: White Pants Edition

Remember the white pants that I wore the other day? If not, check out my post from Saturday. I mentioned there that I was thinking about slimming the legs myself. I decided to pull the trigger and try it over the weekend. How did I do?

Before pictures are on the left, after pictures on the right (I hope you could tell anyway).

I found these pants on the clearance rack at Banana Republic several years ago, and was drawn to the button up front and the thicker cotton material (to avoid the typical see-through problem with white pants). But then, every time I wore them, I felt like they were just too baggy and made my legs look even shorter by adding width to them.

I was recently inspired by Kelly's post on Alterations needed about narrowing pants at the knee to give them a more tailored fit. Of course, she actually paid a tailor to do it, but I got out my trusty sewing machine and scissors and narrowed the legs from top to bottom myself. Though a tailor would have done a better job, I do think I have made a big improvement here. I am actually much more excited to wear them now.

For instructions on how to do this yourself, check out the Cotton and Curls tutorial. This blog is such great reference for amateur seamstresses like myself. I didn't actually turn them into a true skinny fit, but I narrowed the legs in the same general way.

Sunglasses: Diane VonFurstenberg
Shirt: Mudd (from Kohl's)
Pants: Banana Republic (altered)
Shoes: Target (old/altered)


  1. how did you alter your shoes??

  2. There was a T-Strap, and I cut it off. It is still there in my first post, Almost Patriotic.

  3. The pants look awesome slimmer, you did a fantastic job!!