Thursday, September 15, 2011

Color Theory for Fall

I am finally starting to figure out how to pair colors together. The purples and navy go together because they are analogous colors on the color wheel. Wow. Color theory really works! If you want to know more about color theory, check out these great posts from Alterations Needed and Extra Petite

 I went with a low chignon hairstyle for work today, which is great because it looks neat and professional and stays out of my face. Katie posted on how to do it here. It is so easy to do, and yet it looks as though it required a lot of effort. In fact, I did my hair this way for my husband's work Christmas party one year, and the next day one of Peter's co-workers told him that his girlfriend said, "I knew I should have had my hair done! Laura had hers done!" If she only knew that it took me all of 5 minutes, a hair tie, and one pin (ok, and a little bit of hairspray). 

Sunglasses: Diane VonFurstenberg
Earrings: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Necklace: Target
Cardigan: LOFT
Dress (w/ tank attached): LOFT
Belt: Forever 21
Bag: Forever 21
Bracelet: 10,000 Villages
Shoes: Franco Sarto (via Famous Footwear)

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