Friday, August 05, 2011

Who knew I liked teal so much?

After looking back through the blog, you can see that I wear many variations of this light blue/light teal color. The dress, the button down work shirt, and now this sweater. I always tell people that I look the best in jewel tones... woops, I guess I should start taking my own advice. 

Sweater: Gap Outlet (old)
Shirt: Target
Pants: Gap 
Earrings: Urban People
sunglasses: Old Navy
Shoes: Gap Outlet ($9)

 I love the color of these pants. They are a light caramel color and fit GREAT in the butt, but no where else. Look at those baggy thighs. Yikes. Maybe if I do a really good job ironing, they will look better.

 I don't usually do color pairings with such similar colors, but Jean of Extra Petite inspired me to try. Now I'm enjoying blues and teals, pinks and oranges, and red and pinks. Thanks for the idea Jean! If you want to see her post about color, look here.

Remember how I said my dog was fighting land crabs all day? Well here is a little evidence :). Enjoy!


  1. I love your earrings. And you look great in colors like the teal you have on.

  2. Hilarious picture of your dog :)