Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Seeing Spots

This outfit is, in my opinion, a triumph of budget shopping. Upon seeing the '50% off sale items' sign outside my local Ann Taylor, I stopped in to browse the clearance rack. And what did I find but his polka-dotted silk shell marked down from $78 to $5, and (wait for it) this awesome blazer marked down from $158 to $5. The pants I bought in a shop near the Spanish Steps in Rome a few years ago for €10, which amounted to about $14 at the time.

I love the asymmetrical neckline of the shell, although the gathering on the shoulder does make it necessary to constantly check my bra strap. I am still a little unsure as to whether the big spots on the shell are overwhelming on my small frame, but I don't have anything else like it, so it is fun to add some variety to my wardrobe (especially when it was only $5). 

I love, love, love the jacket. A perfect fit with no alterations, cropped length and sleeves, and a silk polka dot lining exposed at the cuff? Yes, please. 

The pants, I must admit, are a little bit funny. Shortly after I bought them, I shortened them, of course. More recently, I altered them again by taking in the seams down each leg, and it improved them very much, but I can't say that they are the most flattering fit ever. Still, the high waist is kind of fun and different, and the linen material is airy (though high maintenance, as linen always is), and hey, I bought them in Rome, so they are kind of a souvenir. 

I love the shoulder detail and the way the collar is shaped. And check out those polka dots!

Here is 'Funny Pant Fit Exhibit A'. What is going on at my inner thigh? And only on one side? Also, after looking at the pictures, I would maybe pair these pants with a wider belt to match the large belt loops. Still, I like the overall look. What do you think?

Earrings: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Shell: Ann Taylor
Jacket: Ann Taylor
Belt: Ann Taylor
Pants: Chopin (in Rome, altered)
Shoes: Aerosoles (from Kohl's)

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  1. I LOVE that shirt!!! Oh my goodness! The brick wall is a nice addition to your posts as well. I think I would die of sweat wearing that outfit right now, but I'm saving that idea for Winter :). I like everything about the post.

  2. gotta love polka dots! the shoulder detail is great. :-) my new sewing/cooking blog is up. yayy.

  3. I love that jacket- the polka dots at the cuff are great.