Tuesday, August 30, 2011

In Memory

This weekend, we attended a memorial service for a dear lady who has been a pillar of our community for many years. It was a beautiful tribute. Compared to the well-lived life that we were celebrating, what I wore was of little consequence, so I opted for something timeless and respectful. 

I bought this sheath dress in high school, and it had been sitting in my closet for years. It is about a size too big for me, and I think I would prefer the length to be just below the knee, even though mid-calf lengths are trendy right now. Don't you think the current length makes my legs look really short? I tied a ribbon belt around the waist to make it more fitted, but it could really use some professional help. 

I happened upon a nearby tailor the other day, so maybe I will bring in this dress to see what he can do, depending on how much it costs to have it hemmed and taken in. It would be nice to have someone that I can trust with nicer pieces that I don't trust myself to 'fix'. And the bonus is that he speaks Italian, so maybe I can get a little practice! I think I will discuss the clothes in English though, lest I accidentally mislead him and ask him to do the opposite of what I want. 

Sunglasses: Kate Spade
Dress: Ann Taylor Factory Store
Shoes: Ann Taylor Factory Store

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  1. What a beautiful posting. So respectful and classic. Just like my girl!