Saturday, July 16, 2011

Organized Chaos

I love order. I am constantly cleaning out closets and drawers in an attempt to get rid of things we don't use and to gain better access to the things we do use. I get such pleasure from getting rid of clutter. It certainly helps to make our 900 square foot condo feel just a little roomier. I don't think that I am OCD, though it may depend on who you ask. I am pretty sure that when my parents came to visit last, they purposefully jumbled my perfectly stacked forks and spoons, just to see if I would re-stack them. Or maybe it is just that they don't stack them at home. 

Lately, I have been cleaning out my jewelry, and only keeping the things that I might actually wear. I hardly have any precious stones or metals, mostly cheap stuff, so I don't expect it to last forever.

Here is my earring collection. I have come to love big earrings, especially now that I am constantly carrying a baby and they don't get in the way (or in his mouth) the way a necklace would. My mother-in-law gave me the wooden stand for Christmas last year, which works perfectly to keep them from getting all tangled up with each other. 

I love the sleek curves of this jewelry box, and use it to hold my stud-style earrings and some hoops. I bought it in high school, but can't remember where.

My latest organization project was to put all of my necklaces and bracelets into ziplock bags and then to sort them into antique boxes. It definitely helped to remind me of what I have, and to be motivated to start wearing more necklaces in particular.

I just love when things are in order. 


  1. I also love when things are in order. As soon as we have no more guests and some free time, I'm going to town on my closet.

    Where did Barb get that earring hangar thingy? It is sooo cute!

    I have a jewelry armoir so I really can't complain, but I like the idea of displaying them.

  2. She got the earring holder from a magazine, I am not sure which. Take pics of your closet clean out. I wish I could do it with you. I love big giveaway piles!