Monday, July 11, 2011

Dress as a top

Dress: Ross

Shoes: Rack Room Shoes

Skirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store

I apologize for the lack of photographic evidence, but I've still not mastered the self timer yet. I snapped these two really quickly before I went to work. Also, the blogger version on my computer is all in Chinese, so it makes it more difficult to figure everything out. You may be wondering "why is her blogger in Chinese?" Well I lived in China a few years ago and I wanted to totally immerse myself so everything on my computer including the internet was in Chinese. I have everything back in English except for Blogger.

Necklace: Old Navy

Shirt: Gap Outlet

Jeans: PacSun Laguna cut (can you believe it?)

Shoes: Target

I stumbled into PacSun the other day to buy something for my husband. There was an entire rack of jeans that said $6. So I tried a pair on just for kicks. Usually, jean shopping is a total disaster because I have really short legs and a really large rear. So I slipped into a pair of jeans at PacSun, half laughing to myself knowing that this experience would also end in failure, but to my surprise they fit really well. They are a little low rise for my taste, but no undies show when I sit and they don't need to be hemmed so they were well worth the $6.

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  1. Love the dress as a top! It tucks in so well. Also, $6 jeans that fit and don't need to be hemmed? Unbelievable.