Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Casual Chic

My wonderful husband. He always acts as my model so that I can light meter the area before we take pictures. I thought he looked cute here and it was worth sharing.
Sweatshirt: PacSun

Shirt: Target
Vest: Old Navy
Earrings: Market in Peru
Jeans: NY and CO
Shoes: Target
Bracelet: Ethiopian Airport

Copper really doesn't like it when anyone else gets attention. Here he is trying to dab his little paw into the fashion blogging world.

When I first put on the yellow and red necklace this morning I thought it was going to look terrible. But after looking at a few angles, I decided that it was worth the color risk. I like contrasting colors in an outfit and I think it gave it just the right amount of pop.

What do you think of the necklace?


  1. I like the necklace, especially with the earrings. You are the little world traveller, by the way. Peru...Ethiopia...wherever. Those jeans fit well too.

  2. Haha, nice job Leif! ;)
    Katie, you are so adorable, I love the styles you have - the necklace with the earrings and that outfit are great! I love the way it all looks together, very stylish!
    I also love just being able to see your pretty, friendly face so much again - and to hear more about your life! Your dog is so cute. And I love the hair flip you got going on!! :)