Monday, July 18, 2011

Growing Up

Laura and I are both gifted with creative imaginations. We grew up pretending to be wolves, indians, early settlers, and anything else we could think of.  Because we grew up in FL, we were constantly barefoot with bowl cuts. What's the point in giving a little girl a cute haircut if she immediately runs into a ditch full of slime and sludge? That was Laura and I. Always looking for a ditch to jump in, a pile of dirt to roll in, or roots to dig up and pretend to cook. So without further adieu, here are a few pictures from our early childhood so you can see the leaps and bounds we have made in regards to fashion.

Paddling down the river (actually the pool at our grandparents house). Excellent haircuts once again :)

Laura wearing her classic black and white. It's true that she used to only wear 5 colors. What in the world am I wearing? At least it was comfortable.....

Laura and I are beyond the days of straight blunt bangs and bowl cut hair cuts. Although I must say I look back on these pictures and smile. I'm glad I wasn't a stylish little kid, it might have squelched my imagination. And who cares anyway? When you are a kid the ocean is never cold, energy is never lacking, and the imagination is constantly creating. If only we could harness a little more of the childlike imagination as grown ups....


  1. Wow, we have indeed come a long way. And I totally agree - I am glad that we didn't care what we wore when we were kids, or we wouldn't have had nearly as much fun. The same goes for Luke. I may dress myself up, but why make him look super nice (except maybe special occasions) if he is just going to stain it/row out of it in two weeks. I'd rather use our clothing budget to get stuff that I will keep for years and years. Here's to T-shirts and athletic shorts for children everywhere!

  2. so. so. so. cute!!! i love your flashback pics. :) def helps highlight your awesome style now!