Wednesday, November 02, 2011


Sometimes, I just can't decide what to wear together. Which do you like? 

Unfortunately, on the stairs where the light is best, I can't zoom out enough to include my head. Hmm...

Here are my three variations:

The Robin Hood
The rust cardigan with the green shirt makes me wish I had a bow and arrow. Too bad I didn't keep my green tights from when I was Peter Pan in a dance performance...

The Colorful Cowgirl
Where is my horse? And hey, where are my arms?

The Celeb-Mom 
(Credit goes to Robin, Amy, and Meredith for this category)
I ended up going with this look for the day. Put together, but comfy...I like it.

Shirt: Old Navy (Safety pinned to avoid gapping)
Cardigan: Old Navy
Corduroy Leggings: Gap (altered)
Belt: Banana Republic Outlet
Boots: Target

1 comment:

  1. I really like the colorful cowgirl. I like seeing the belt. Maybe you could try it with a different color pairing. Do you have any animal print shirts? I think that would be cool :).