Thursday, November 03, 2011

24th Birthday

I have VERY creative friends. 

Instead of a night out at a bar or dinner at my favorite restaurant, they threw me a Murder Mystery Party. My friends and I have successfully thrown up to 12 of these parties before, so we are well accustomed to making them an event. 

September 25th was my 24th birthday and I was flying home from Washington D.C. that day and didn't really get to celebrate. I walk into my house at 9PM after traveling all day and my two best friends (the ladies pictured below) were at my house with a carrot-cake/banana muffin with a candle in it. 

For those of you wondering "why that kind of muffin?" It's because I don't eat chocolate. 

I was a fortune teller and Leif was a plumber. We didn't buy anything to make these costumes, I just piled on every bracelet I owned and tried to look like a gypsy. 

How do you celebrate birthdays?


  1. What fun. Love the pictures!!

  2. You do have fun friends! I see you found a use for the red dress from around 1993. Well done.