Friday, November 11, 2011


Armed with $30 in coupons, I stopped in at Old Navy to see what was new. They were having a '50% Off Outerwear' sale, and I happened to be looking for a fall coat. How convenient. I ended up buying this brown peacoat (usually $60, but $30 on sale) and a pair of baby shoes (his first ones!), all for $10. If are looking for a peacoat, this one is cropped and comes in lots of fun colors - yellow, green, and several plaids, besides classic black.

I was surprised to find that the XS fits me fairly well, though the sleeves could stand to be narrower and shorter (I folded about 1 1/2" under for the pictures). Maybe I will see what my tailor can do, especially since I basically got it for free (Luke's shoes cost $10). If he can make it perfect for under $20, it will definitely be worth it. 

 I rediscovered this sweater in my closet today and I am so glad I did. My mom gave it to me last Christmas. It is so cozy, and fits almost like a tunic. I am a big fan of the animal print scarf next to the blue, and wouldn't you know, this color is popping up in stores for winter all of a sudden. Good call, Mom. 

Not bad for $10...

Scarf: Express 
Sweater: Banana Republic Factory Store
Pants: Gap (here)
Boots: Target (here)
Coat: Old Navy (here)
Baby Shoes: Old Navy 

Have you snagged any great deals lately?


  1. Wow you got so many fabulous items at such a steal! Love the color of that peacoat - think it'll be very versatile against both browns and blacks :)

  2. I love your outfit! The coat is a gorgeous color, and I really like the sweater...the leopard scarf was the perfect finishing choice :)
    Mix and Match Fashion

  3. I love the sweater with the animal scarf. Really a nice combination. Also, the peacoat is a great color! Is it wool?

  4. that is a beatiful blue color! I love the combination of colors.

  5. It is a wool blend. Warm enough for winter, maybe...