Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Playing Darts

I tried another alteration experiment today. I found this sequin-shoulder tee shirt on the clearance rack at Ann Taylor Factory Store, but the smallest size they had was SP. While I liked the style, I ran into the all too familiar problem of a super low scoop neckline. As I looked in the mirror, I pinched it in two places behind my neck, which brought up the front, and wished it were so. Then it dawned on me: I could just add a few little darts and make my wish come true.

Here is the finished product. How did I do?

And from the front...

A "Festive Black" ensemble - super easy.

Yay for Christmas decorations!

Shirt: Ann Taylor Factory Store (altered)
Skirt: Express


  1. How did you know darts in the back would raise the front??? Brilliant.

  2. What a smart way to alter a shirt - wish I was that skilled in sewing!

  3. Thanks for the sweet compliments, but really, it is so easy. Just two little seams where I have the pins. I guess the idea just came from my constant pinching of back collars in the dressing room.

  4. Wow! Great idea! Do the pleats move fabric in any weird places?

  5. Alterations Needed,

    Not really. I didn't even cut anything off. The extra fabric just folded under. If the fabric was heavier, I might have had more trouble hiding it and avoiding lumpiness, but for a thin material, this worked quite well, and only took about 10 minutes.

  6. Such a great idea - cute holiday outfit!!!