Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Old Navy Shearling Coat

Well, it was worth a shot. In order to get free shipping from Old Navy, I bought this faux shearling coat in XS along with Luke's tiny flannel-lined jeans. I figured, if it didn't work out, I would just return it to the nearby store, and I still would come out ahead with free shipping. 

Fun Motorcycle Jacket Style

Sleeves too wide and long
The fleecy white part is not soft or fluffy at all - more like a well loved, matted down stuffed animal
The Faux suede outside material is very stiff - I feel like I cannot move my arms
Not fitted at the waist - very boxy fit

In the end, I am going to take it back. I like the concept, but the fit is pretty poor, for my body anyway. 

Have you found any great shearling jackets lately?


  1. Sad :( it actually looks super cute on you - hope you can find a better one, love the look!

  2. Thank you for this review! You just saved me a bunch of money. I saw this second hand and loved the look, but after reading this I think it's better to find something a little higher quality. Cheers!