Saturday, December 03, 2011

Christmas Preview Dinner

Every year, the women's group at my church puts on a Christmas Preview Dinner right after Thanksgiving to help us put things in perspective before the craziness of the Christmas season begins. This year, I co-hosted a table, and helped to decorate it. We went for a simple winter theme, complete with little cardinals. I like how it turned out.

For the occasion, I wore a polka dot skirt that I picked up at the Gap Outlet for $13, a black sweater, and a red satin sash that I made a few years ago. I just wrapped it around my waist twice and tied it in a bow in the back...then decided it would look better in the front. I am so excited to have a polka dot skirt in my closet now. My only complaint: Major static. Any tips?

Is this outfit too 'little girl'? I think the pearls help to make it a little more grown up, but I also kind of feel like I am 10 years old in it (of course, when I was actually 10, I had zero sense of style and would never have worn anything with a bow). 

Necklace: Forever 21
Sweater: Ann Taylor (old)
Sash: Made by me!
Skirt: Gap Outlet
Shoes: Ann Taylor Factory Store


  1. I just loved the look and that sash is wonderful! You don't look ten you look classic with an updated pearl look.

  2. I agree with Mama Mia! Classic! Chic! For the static, try a snuggle softener, or another softener sheet, that you use in the dryer. Rub it all over inside the skirt. Hope that helps. I remember those static days! Static hair! Static clothes! :)

  3. Love the outfit and your the Christmas preview table - great job!!!

  4. Thank you all for the kind compliments and the static help!

  5. There used to be a spray you could spray for static, can't remember the name (it's been so long since I wore a stylish skirt in the winter, or even any skirt in the winter, that I don't remember, but I like your blog because it gives permission to be stylish/puts fun back into stylish :)) but another static tip that sort of works and is fun to try for science gurus is to rub a hanger over a skirt. It works a little bit :) MB