Thursday, January 12, 2012

Sweater Dresses

I have a hard time finding sweater dresses that are flattering to my shape. I have a rather large rear end so it makes things like this give me a "mermaid butt." Mermaid Butt occurs when the back end of the garment (dress/skirt) curves up in the back due to your butt stealing all the fabric. 

This dress was a gift for Christmas. It is a little tight, but with a few wears, I think it will be more flattering.  

Do you ever hope that clothes will fit better after a few wears? 

Here is a closeup of the brooch on top. I'm not crazy about the black toule, so I might remove this pearl flower feature in the near future. 

 Dress: Kohls
Belt: PacSun
Shoes: Gift from a friend

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