Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Italian Scarf and Comfy Sweater

I tried my hand at some outdoor photos with my new remote control today, since I just replaced my old broken tripod and Luke was taking a nap while the lighting was good. 27 degrees gets cold pretty fast, but how could I not take advantage of such great lighting?

I am so glad that I altered my coat - now I actually wear it!

I love this scarf. The colors are so vibrant.

I picked it up in the San Lorenzo Market in Florence, Italy (as so many tourists do), and every time I wear it, I am reminded of my time there. At just 5 Euro apiece, they make great souvenirs or gifts. 

Under the coat and scarf, I wore my trusty skinny jeans (oh dear - the knees are starting to show wear already), and a comfy sweater. One of the best parts about closet purging is discovering pieces like this that are forgotten in the bottom of my dresser drawers. It is so rare to find a wrap style neckline that actually covers me well. With others of this style, I usually have to wear a cami underneath. 

Here are my Kohl's wedge boots again. Sure, they are cheap, and all man-made materials, but the faux leather is soft and the faux rubber wedge is very comfortable, even more so than flats. Bonus: they work with skinny or bootcut jeans.

Scarf: Market in Florence
Coat: Ann Taylor Factory Store (5 or so years ago - recently taken in by myself)
Sweater: Banana Republic
Jeans: Ann Taylor (Modern Fit Slim Leg)
Shoes: Sonoma (via Kohl's)

A little Lukey love - He is so proud of his straw skills.


  1. That's a beautiful scarf! Where'd you get your gloves from? :)

    1. I got the gloves from TJ Maxx - they are Ralph Lauren. Also, my sister decided she was done blogging, so you can find me now at Thanks for the nice comment!